Favorite Hunting Photos

Favorite Hunting Photos
Field Quest Rock'n Roll'n Jr
Currently competing in field trials with his novice handler, Trudy
12/04 Hunting trip to Greystone Castle in Mingus, TX with 11 1/2 year old Tommy.
Maggie is competing in field trials with Ray Dohse
Show champions can hunt too! 
10 year old Salem shows how it's done.
FC Greystoke's Tommyhawk
Tommy hunts for Ed and his dad, Reg.
Tommy retreives Shawn's first quail at Beaver Creek.
Ed and his dad, Reg, and Bitty take a break.
Ed and Dave admire Bitty and Summer, February 2004.
Trudy and her girl, Bitty (r)

Bitty and Dave enjoying a perfect day for hunting at Beaver Creek, Feb. 2004
Field Quest Itty Bitty
Whelped 6/11/05
Ike & Bitty litter
Pictured at 8 weeks.