FC Greystoke's Tommyhawk
Pictured at 10 1/2 years old at right and at top left in his field trial prime, bottom left with Shawn retreiving his first quail.
Winter 2006...Still the Best Hunting Dog at 13 1/2!
1999 Top 20 AKC Gun Dog
1998 #11 AKC Gun Dog
47 AKC Placements
28 Field Points, 14 AKC Wins, 22 AKC Seconds
9 AFC Points

                            FC Dixieland's Rusty                                           Burr Oaks Ditto
          NFC Uodibar's Koonas                                         CH Wingfield's Moontide Ditto
                             Uodibar's Dirty Gerty                                        Kerlacre's Tell's Moontide
DC Voglein's Billy of Sundance                           Wingfield's Lady Pepper Gray    
                             NFC Tip Top Savage Sam                                NFC Tip Top Savage Sam
             NFC Sundance Gypsy Lee                                     Rustabout's Sadie Sue
                            NFC Burr Oaks Dora                                         FC Jim Jam's Sue

whelped May 1993

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FC Greystoke's Tommyhawk
Tommy was the star of the family's annual Christmas trip in 2004 to the Greystone Castle in Texas.